Paxton Net2 Plus Control Unit



$450.41 Ex VAT.

Model: Net2 Plus Control Unit with Plastic Housing & PSU


*Only available with installation, or to Net2 registered installers*

The Paxton Net2 Plus Control Unit is a single door networkable access control unit. It can be networked by TCP/IP or using RJ45 connections.

There are variety of Net2 Control Units available which have been designed to provide installers with simple solutions for any application. All different types of Net2 control unit can be used together in the same system.

  • Single door networkable access control unit
  • Plug into a TCP/IP network using a RJ45 plug
  • Features a built in TCP/IP converter
  • Different control units can be mixed on a site
  • FLASH memory allows easy upgrades
  • Use Paxton or 3rd party readers