Vanderbilt V42 electronic keypad



$176.84 Ex VAT.


Vanderbilt V42 Keypad (previously Seimens K42) - Keypad with two codes - stand alone solution.

The Vanderbilt V42 is the best-selling codelock in the world. It is compact and easy to use with a modern design that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor mounting. The Siemens K42 Keypad has a capacity of two four-digit codes. One can be used by residents while the other is used by the property caretaker, for example. All settings are made directly in the unit.

Stainless steel construction - Illuminated keypad
Operating temps: - 35 C to + 55C
Voltage: 12 -24 Volt DC
Dimensions: 140mm h x 80mm w x 60mm d
Door relay: 1 voltage free contact (2A)