Assa Solicode 22CL Electronic Keypad


$473.28 Ex VAT.

Colour: Silver/ Grey


SOLICODE 22CL is a compact electronic keypad designed for easy installation. The codelock allows access control without the complication of keys. Typical applications include changing rooms, storerooms and lobby areas of residential apartment blocks.

The period for which the SOLICODE 210 unlocks after entry of a valid code can be adjusted from 1 to 999 seconds and the unit features an anti-tailgating facility when connected to monitored electric lock, which relocks the door immediately after it has been opened.

The codelock can be set to use either four or six digit access codes, and these codes can be changed easily from the units' keypad. The codelock also features memory battery backup in the case of a power-cut.

Suitable for internal and external use. IP-54 rated housing.Specification: [R]Digital Codelock Compact and easy to install. The unit is programmed from the keypad. The system memory is non-volatile to prevent data loss. Requires entry of a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode in the correct sequence. Up to 1,000,000 codes available when using 6 digits. Up to 7 codes may be stored at one time. Automatic anti-manipulation function. .

Black or White Case