Cisa 285 66 Container Padlock


$58.95 Ex VAT.


The CISA 285 66 Container Padlock is ideal for use with container lock boxes. This padlock is also suitable for use on security gates, warehouses etc.

Comes with 2 keys per lock, additional keys can be added above.

The CISA 66 padlock has a solid, hardened steel body and a solid, hardened steel shackle providing excellent protection against attack and the elements.

This lock has an anti-pick and anti-drill keyway as well as an anti-saw shackle.

Dimensions: 59H x 66W x 25D mm
Shackle: 10mm

If you are buying multiple locks, you should be aware of the following:

This lock is available in three different pinning varieties:

1. Keyed Differ (All locks have their own individual keys)
2. Keyed Alike (All locks will work to the same key, *only 2 keys will be supplied in total with a keyed alike set as standard)
3. Master Keyed (All locks have their own individual keys, but the set will also be provided with an overiding master key that can open all locks in your set)

Master Keyed sets can be added to in future with up to 200 locks working under one master key- ideal for storage sites and container hire/sale outfits.

Key Registration

If selected, we will record the pinning sequence of your lock and the cuts on your key and provide you with a key registration card. This will allow you to order matching locks and duplicate keys in future simply by calling us with and giving us the details from this card. (Not required with master keyed locks)

For more info or to discuss your requirements in detail call one of our experts on 0151 495 5740.

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Great container padlock!

Great container padlock. We have a master keyed set that we add to as and when we need them. Elliott and the team at Keytrak are always friendly and quick to help.