Paxton 860 010 hands free fobs - Switch 2 (10)



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Paxton 860 010 hands free fobs

Pack of 10 designed for use with Switch 2 systems.
For use with Switch2 systems
From 0.85m to 2.5m read range with a hands free keyfob
Hands free keycard increases the range to typically 5m (maximum 50m)
Up to 5m read range with the Long range reader
Works as standard passive token with non-hands free readers
Use with P and KP readers (with the hands free interface) and the Long range reader
A lost token can be voided with a shadow card
Active tokens with replaceable batteries
About - The term "Hands free access control" means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. No hands required. This is useful for loading doors and where disabled or elderly people require access. The hands free tokens, in conjunction with the hands free interface, achieve this using the unique wireless technology. The keycard is a hands free token with additional functions. Pressing a button on the card momentarily boosts the range of the keycard, typically to 5m (maximum 50m).

Installation - Hands free tokens will work as a standard token with all PROXIMITY readers. P series readers and KP series keypads equipped with a hands free interface will achieve longer "hands free" ranges. When installing a system, the first token pack is added by presenting the Enrolment card from that pack. Subsequent packs are added by presenting the original Enrolment card followed by the Enrolment card from the new pack. The keycard can be used for long range access. The buttons can be configured to boost the range at which the card can be read, typically up to 5m (maximum 50m).

Operation - The tokens are supplied packaged with a corresponding shadow card. Once installation of the system is complete all user cards are valid and ready to be issued. To issue a user token, remove it from the packet and write the name of the user on its corresponding shadow card. The user may now use their token to gain access. This process is repeated for all users. If a card needs to be invalidated, the corresponding shadow card is removed from the wallet and presented to any relevant readers on the site. This invalidates the card. The hands free keyfobs and keycards work in active and passive modes. They give a range of between 0.85 and 2.5m on any reader equiped with a hands free interface, and 5m with the Long range reader. They work in passive mode with all other Paxton Access proximity readers.