Abloy PL362 Padlock Keyed Alike, Master Keyed or Keyed Differ



£284.00 Ex VAT.


The Abloy PL362 is the strongest padlock on the market. The PL362 is designed for for applications where maximum security is required. It's case hardened steel body with raised shoulders and a toploaded cylinder provide the highest level of security and protection.

PL362 padlock is equipped with a 15 mm diameter, case hardened boron steel shackle.

Abloy class the PL362 as a padlock ideal for use on containers, railway wagons, trucks, heavy sliding doors and military uses.

Insurance Ratings:
CEN Rating: Grade 6
BS EN 12320 Rating: Grade 6

Abloy PL362 Padlock Dimensions

Body Height: 95.7mm
Body Width: 72mm
Body Depth: 30mm
Shackle Diameter: 15mm
Horizontal shackle clearance when closed: 30mm

Abloy Padlock Options
The PL362 padlock is available with closed shackle only.
The PL362 is available on the Sentry locking mechanism.

Standard differ: Lock keyed to random differ - supplied with 2 keys. Additional keys available.

Keyed Alike and Master Keyed versions of this lock are available on separate product listings.

Keyed Alike:- With this option your Abloy padlocks can be built to work to the same key. This is particularly useful if you are buying a set of locks and want to reduce the number keys required (only select this option if you are buying more than one lock). Supplied with 2 x keys for the set. If you add additional keys here, remember you will get this number of extra keys per lock.

Master Keyed: With this option your padlock can be built to work under a master key. Here you have a group of locks that all have their own individual key, but you will also be supplied with a master key that can open all locks. This can be particularly useful where different levels of access are required- i.e A site manager may have a master key to open all locks, and a contractor may have a key that can only open one lock in the set. For more info on Master Keying, please give our team a call/ email. Master keyed locks are supplied with 1 x key per lock as standard.

Abloy Lock Mechanisms:

Sentry:- For High Security applications- restricted section- keys can only be duplicated with original purchasers authorisation, or with key registration card. Key section patent protected to 2027. Designed specifically for high security, heavy duty applications. Extra thick key to cope with demanding environments.