Abloy 351M.80 Flush Mount Electric Lock



$761.59 Ex VAT.


The Abloy 351M80 Electric lock is designed for use on steel, timber and aluminium doors, and is commonly installed when there is insufficent room for surface mount mag locks, or on double action doors.

The 351M80 has been tested to release under high levels of side pressure, making it a more reliable solution than most electric strikes.

Designed to be installed in the door frame or header, and also suitable for installation in the door when their is insufficent depth to the door frame.


As soon as the door/ strike plate is aligned with the electric strike, the motor for the prism shaped bolt is activated and moves into the strike plate to lock the door. The lock is fail safe, so it requires power to stay locked. As soon as the power is switched off, the bolt gets immediately unlocked and the door is accessible. When opening the door, the V-shaped strike plate slides the bolt into the lock case – without electric power.